Choosing the best streaming music service for business is important.

Choosing the best streaming music service for business is important.

Why choosing the best streaming music service for business is important.

There is a wide variety of streaming music services on the market today and choosing the best streaming music service for business is an important decision for you as a business owner. If you take notice when you are out and about, going through your day. You will probably visit a hand full of retail locations daily on a regular basis. These businesses could be a bank, restaurant, the grocery store, your favorite bar or even a hotel. What all these businesses will most likely have in common is that they will be playing some sort of background music service in their place of business to set the mood they want to project to their customers.

Research has shown that playing music in a commercial business increases productivity and helps customers identify with your brand. Walk into just about any retail store and you likely will hear music playing in the background. For smaller businesses it may be more for the enjoyment of the staff, but for most retailers it is to create that association for your customers of the goods and services that your business offers that fits them just right. This association from music and the experience that your customer receives when they are shopping at your business is what helps customers associate with your business to become loyal customers.

Not all streaming music services are the same and good for your business.

In the market today consumers have a wide choice of online music streaming services. PC Mag just recently did a wonderful review of the The Best Online Music Streaming Services for 2019 and the heading under the title reads “Whether you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack for the gym, party, or open road or just a distraction from workday tedium, one of our best streaming music services can help”.

The article goes on to review several streaming music services for price, sound quality and product features. Those companies reviewed are:

All of the streaming music services listed above offer great features and functionality. Some even let you create your own music playlist and most likely could work at your place of business as the solution to provide background music at your place of business. If you are one of the millions of business owners doing this heed these words of knowledge penned by the music group Digital Underground “STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO RUIN, THE IMAGE AND STYLE THAT YA USE TO”.

All of the streaming music services shown above will not work for your business. As a matter of fact they could hurt your business. The streaming music services shown above are consumer based streaming music services that are licensed for personal consumer use only “B2C” not “B2B”.

As a matter of fact the the global music industry is losing $2.65 billion every year because from small businesses misusing personal music-streaming services, according to a study published by licensing Nielsen Music to survey music use in businesses across seven markets.

When music is played in a commercial space like a store, restaurant or other public venue. A very different music licensing agreement is required for  constituting a “public performance, it needs to be licensed under copyright laws separate from the laws that govern the use of personal music-streaming services like Spotify, Pandora or any of the streaming music service listed above in this article.

The study states that only 17 percent of small businesses have obtained public performance licenses, while 83 percent illicitly use a personal music streaming services and that 71% of the business owners in America incorrectly believe that a personal music account is allowed to be used for background music in their business settings.

Fines for streaming music illegally at your place of business can be expensive

Most music is protected by copyright law, which provides exclusive rights to copyright owners to perform or play their songs. If a business owner or someone plays music without permission of the copyright holder, they are infringing on their copyright, and copyright law which allows the music owners or copyright holders to recover damages ranging from $750.00 per song violation upwards to $150,000 if a court decides the infringement was done with willful intent. There are some exceptions, and if you believe your business is excluded from paying public performance royalties you can check out section 110(5) of the Copyright Act to see if you qualify. But for the majority of business use cases, a public performance license is required to play music at your place of business.

Navigating the streaming music licensing mine field.

Understanding Music Licensing and Why It Is Important for Business Owners

As a business owner you know what it is to have a great team around you that helps get your business going every day. Let us say you own a restaurant business and in order to run that restaurant you need a manager, waiters, an expediter, cooks, a greeter, and bus person. All of these folks share in the prosperity of your business in the form of salary and or tip share. The music industry is no different. Within the music industry in most cases various of groups of people work together to create that one hit song you love. You may think it’s just the music artist  who developed that song but in most cases there is a team of people who help produce that song and who all share an interest in bringing that song to market.

These folks job titles range from musicians who play on the track, a song writer who maybe wrote the song, a lyricist who wrote the words to the song, a musical producer who recorded the song and a singer or band who sings and performs the song to eventually the record label who owns the master recordings because they put up the monies to manufacture and market the song.

In most cases how these folks get paid for their work is through music licensing. Many composers, musicians, and music copyright holders work with performing rights organizations (PROs) to have their copyrighted music disseminated into the world appropriately, so they can receive payment for their work. Each PRO manages a different catalog of music. While they may manage hundreds of thousands of songs and compositions, they do not have everything.

In the United States songwriters, composers and music publishers generally join one of five Performing Rights Organizations that license their work to the public: the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), Global Music Rights (GMR), SESAC  and or Sound Exchange. The PROs send royalties to the copyright owners.

However, obtaining a license from one of the PRO agencies doesn’t necessarily mean you are covered — you only have a license for that PRO’s copyright holders. For example, the composer of a song may be represented by ASCAP, while the lyricist may be with SESAC. To avoid this problem, most business owners need to choose a streaming music service that is designed especially for business that offers blanket licenses from each of the PROs, which allows the business owner the ability to play any of the music from each of the PRO’s library.

Selecting The Best Streaming Music Service For Your Business

StoreStreams set the tone of your business

Choosing the best streaming music service for your business will provide you with primary benefits of entertaining customers and motivating your staff, a great background music solution can hugely enhance your business image and provides another way to communicate your brand message to your customer. When you constructed your business location you took time into considering atmospheric features such as the interior design and lighting. What your streaming music service plays will influences how people perceive your business and should therefore be a priority.

You should choose streaming music provider that can play music, that will successfully represent your brand’s demographics and requirements. Choosing the right music for business service will set your business apart from your competitors. When the music played is thought-through, the whole atmosphere is enhanced. By passing on this opportunity  you’ll be missing out on how your customers perceive your business and most  likely to be compared to any other venue in your industry that relies on mainstream or poorly-chosen music.

The Best Streaming Music Service For Your Business

StoreStreams offers the best streaming music service for business.  StoreStreams offers simple pricing and robust features that make it the best choice to provide music for your place of  business.  StoreStreams offers music and messaging in one simple solution and is a streaming music solution that integrates seamlessly within your retail environment. StoreStreams plays the hit music of today and yesterday by the artists you know and love.

Streaming Music Service For Big Box Retailers

StoreStreams is completely scalable and customizable for any size retail operator. No matter if you have one or  thousands retail locations StoreStreams has you covered. StoreStreams offers background music and messaging with streaming music price plans start at just $20.00 a month.

StoreStreams Business Music Systems & Installation

StoreStreams offers equipment and software solutions ranging from just the music subscription plan to a complete AMP, Speakers, and music system for your business. StoreStreams provides nationwide installation service for all its business music services. StoreStreams is a fully licensed streaming music service provider for commercial use only and is available for all U.S. and Canadian businesses.

Music Licensing

StoreStreams background music for businesses offers

– A Robust Streaming Music Catalog
– New Hit Music Added Weekly
– Scheduling and Day Parting
– Customized Music Channels
– Personalized Commercials and Messaging
– Integrated Playback Solution “Web or Hardware”
– 100% Worry Free With All Royalties and Licensing Fess Included
– Easy Streaming Hardware Solutions: Including PC, Tablet, Smart Phone and Internet Radio
– A Streaming Background Music Service That Is Scalable To Any Size Retail Operation
– Simple Pricing – Streaming Music For Business Plans Start At $20.00 A Month

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